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Browser Window Chrome Explained

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Close Window

"Open a New Window" Actions are Actions that are able to open a new browser window.

There are lots of those Actions floating around that are able to perform such a task in various ways and with various features, both free and commercial ones, all with the same goal to open a new browser window.


An Action like this is the Open Window1.1.action (Location: Link folder > Open Window1.1.action) that comes with the package.
The execution of the Action (Open Window1.1.action) can happen in numerous ways.

As Text or Image Links.

The visitor executes Text and Image links by some sort of interaction, either by Mouse Click, Mouse Enter, Mouse Exit, Double Click, MouseDown, KeyUp, KeyDown or KeyPres. Commonly used are Mouse Click, Mouse Enter or Mouse Exit.
I will focus on Mouse Click, because Actions are applied exactly the same way, whichever option you choose.

When you want to open a new window, - with some browser window chrome (?) turned of or a specific browser window size, you will have to use some sort of Window Open Action.

Select the Text or Image you like to be clickable to a link. Either you click the link button at the Tool Bar or you press CTRL/CMD-L, and the Text Inspector will change.

ImageReplace "(EmptyReference!)" with a hash mark (#) or "javascript:;" (without quotes).








Select Rollovers & Actions > Actions sub tab, next select Mouse Click,
and click the Create new action button.







Where it says "Action ? None" choose OpenWindow1.1.action from the pop up menu.
The options you have here are:

  • URL
  • Target
  • Size (height and width of the window).

    And some check boxes (as a whole called Browser Window Chrome).

  • Resize
  • Scroll
  • Menu
  • Dir. (Directory)
  • Status
  • Tools
  • Loc. (Location)
  • Each representing a feature of the standard window rendered, when a New Window is chosen from the Menu in the browser.
    You have the option here to select or deselect all or some of those — depending on how you like the window rendered.
    Browser Window Chrome Explained


    As a Head Action.

    When is Open Window1.1.action used as a Head Action (?) and set it to the default option OnLoad.

    What will happen now is, after having Point&Shoted the HTML page, set the target, size - width and height of the browser window, disabled Browser Window Chroming if any, the HTML page that holds the Head Action, loads in the browser, a HTML page will open simultaneously and automatically (a Pop Up window), this could be a page containing an ad or a Welcome page.

    Note: That some modern browers has an ability to block unwanted pop-up windows.











    As a Body Action.

    Actions like this can't be used as a Body Action.

    And then again. That's not completely true.
    Normally you wouldn't use a open new window action as Body Action.
    Because if you like a window to pop up, when the page loads, you will put this in the Head section and execute it as a Head Action. Thus the pop up window will load simultaneously with the page that automatically loads it. The Head Action is set to On Load.

    If you use a Body Action for such a task, you will position the Body Action just above the </html> tag, so the pop up page will load last, after the rest of the content of the page. Body Actions are set to On Parse (?), this means the script will execute when the script is recognized by the browser.