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Action Palette
Where to find the Action Palette
Inspected Element
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Head Actions Palette
Body Action Palette
Image links Palette
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Timeline Action Palette
Actions in Forms Palette

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Action Palette.

Actions can be executed in several ways. For this you need the Action palette
For each way Actions can be executed there is an Action Palette.

A Head Action.
A Body Action
A image link
A text link
By an element in a form
Or by the TimeLine Editor

As you will note, the Rollover & Actions palette will change according to which kind of Action you apply, this will be seen as the different kind of options on how to execute the Action, in the "Events" column in the Rollovers & Actions > subtab Actions.

Where to find the Action Palette.

Fig. 1

The Action Palette is located along side with the Rollovers in the same tab, Rollovers & Actions.

Menubar > Window > Rollovers & Actions, Shortcut Alt+Cmd+7
(The key 7, is not at the numeric part (right side) of the keyboard. If you use the numeric part of the keyboard the History palette will pop up).

Inspected Element

Fig. 1

You can always see in which element (Inspected Element) you are applying an Action to at the bottom at the Rollover & Actions palette.

This can be an <a>, <img>, <script>, <head>, <body>, <input> etc. etc.

Action Inspector Palette

Fig. 2

When you apply an Action, you will be prompt with this (Fig. 2) in the Inspector, click the button "Show Action Palette".

Head Action Palette

Fig. 3

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DHTML Menu Created with Default GL Actions

Note that "Events" on how to execute Actions will be listed in the "Events" column.
All in all the options are correct and this is a great advantice, thus you will never try to execute an Action by a wrong eventhandler.

Body Action Palette

Fig. 4

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Actions Executed by an Image.

Fig. 5

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Actions Executed by Text.

Fig. 6

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DHTML Timeline Action Palette.

Fig. 7

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Actions in Forms Palette.

Fig. 8

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