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What are GL Actions?

Actions are ready-to-use bits of JavaScripting in Adobe GoLive.
An Action enables you to use JavaScripting and add interactivity to web pages without any prior knowledge of JavaScripting at all.
Actions in themselves are JavaScript snippets embedded in a HTML file with the extension .action, thus GL will recognize them as plug-ins.

For each Action of Adobes, there is an external script with the extension .js.

         Sample: ConfirmLink.action


Those two files must be kept in the same folder. Because the .js file is linked to the .action file.

Some Actions refer to other external scripts placed in other folders, as scripts in:

         Folder ActionScripts folder
Folder ButtonImage folder
Folder GlobalScripts folder
Folder RealOne
Folder Sequence folder
Folder URL Popup folder


The ordinary user should not tangle with files in the above folders.
View file structure of the Actions

Types of Actions.

There are three types of Actions,

Some Actions work as Head Action's (?) only and others as Body Actions (?) only. Usually the developer will state this in the User Interface of the Action.

Actions location on HD.

Actions are located in:
Adobe GoLive (app. folder)/Modules/JScripts/Actions/some folder.
(Some 3'd party actions have to be placed within a special folder, the developer will announce this).
Actions that come with the package. (GoLive 7.0)