Let's say that you have a page, a splashpage and this can i.e. be your index page, you like visitors to see on their first visit, but not when they revisit.

This is very easy to do.

Apply the VisitorCookie.action to the Head section (?) splashpage (The first visitpage).

How to apply a Head Action you can see here.

ImageThe VisitorCookie.action you find in the Variables folder.
Set the cookie, it has to be a unique name.
Point&Shot the page you would to be the "Second Visit Page".

That's it.

Click here when in a browser.
Close the "First Time Visited Page". And click the same link again (the link above) and see what happens.

After having clicked the link and seen the page, you have to delete the cookie in the prefs of your brower "secondtimevisitedpage" cookie.

The two pages involved you will find in the samples/testpages folder of this site.

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