ImageNetscapeCSSFix.action is an extremely useful Action.
It does exactly what the name indicates.

Fixes Netscape 4.x's incompatibility to maintain the CSS information when a page is resized (Netscape 4.x versions are "buggy" when it comes to resizing), by reloading the page when the page is resized.
That way the CSS information is restored.

When you use CSS on a page use this Action as a Head Action (it's always a head Action) (?) in the Head section set to OnLoad.

I use this Action, all the time, when CSS is involved in any form. That is, when I have a Layer and/or CSS in a page.

Alternately you can use this script:
(I use the script when I have no Action in the page, but have some CSS in the page).

if (navigator.appName=="Netscape" && parseInt(navigator.appVersion)>=4) {
					widthCheck = window.innerWidth
					heightCheck = window.innerHeight
					window.onResize = resizeFix
				function resizeFix() {
					if (widthCheck != window.innerWidth || heightCheck != window.innerHeight)
					document.location.href = document.location.href

The script is provided for you as a single JavaScript file, located in the help_files/fix.js folder.
You simply drag&drop the file into the Head section of the page.

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