Some Actions are conflicting with others and I found a couple of those.

Because some Actions are conflicting with others it's a good idea to keep 3'thParty Actions is a special folder. Until you know for sure it doesn't conflict with other Actions.


6RandomImage.action is conflicting with RandomImage.action, this I changed by correcting 6RandomImage.action. Find it in the Actions folder.

Close Window.action by Matt Ridley

He created this for Lynn Grillo - very kind of him, but it conflicts with the Close Window.action that comes with the package. The one that comes with the package is far better than Matt Ridleys - the kindest thing you can do is to delete the Action.


If fact there is nothing wrong with the Action, but it's only working in Netscape. I changed it so it's working in most major browsers. Find it in the Actions folder.

Open Window1.1.action

Here too there is nothing wrong, only the Action is created to suite the GL5.0 - in regards to the User Interface. This I changed - the UI. Find it in the Actions folder.

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