How to setup a Body Action

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How to setup a Body Action. Body actions are Adobe GoLive actions that are implemented directly in the body of the HTML page.

In GoLive 5.0 "Body Actions" are called "Inline Actions".

(The sample is a text link "Tell a friend about this page.").


First you create the page where you want the action being used.



body2.gifClick on the Smart tab.








body3.gifAnd choose the "Body Action"

Drag&Drop the "Body Action" icon to where you need the "Body Action", in the page.

Or you can place the cursor where you want the "Body Action" and double click the "Body Action" icon.



body4.gifViewed in the page it will look like this:




The Inspector will change.






body6.gifChoose (in this case) the TellaFriend.action in the "Action Inspector" or another "Body Action".









After the Action is selected the "Body action" icon will change.



body8.gifConfigure the Action.

For Tell A Friend.action users:
If you want text before and after the 'Link Text' check the box.
In this sample there will be no Window Title in the Email Subject Line, because the Window Title is far too long.














Preview the page in a browser, do not use the Preview option in GL the Body Action will not show - go figure out why?


Previewed it looks like this.




That's it.

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