Wasn't it fun for a change to go right instead always down?????

../headaction/headaction2.gif 4.gif 11.gif
Useful Action Collection

Fill in the name of your form

Previewed in your browser it will look like this.
With the text marked or if there's no text the cursor will just blink in the Text Field.

And place it in the header of your HTML file


How to use

../headaction/headaction4.gif netscape1.gif

That's it.

Choose the TextfieldFocus.action in the "Action Inspector".
In the folder you placed the action.

First you create the page with the form, where you want the action being used.

Then you............ ---->

(Oh, no. You don't go down. You go that way ---------->)

At first you select a Head Action .

Fill in the name of the first TextField, the visitor must fill in.

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