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../imgaction/thiswindowresize_icon.gifCurrent ver. 1.6

Demo will open at 500 * 500.

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Last updated 3/19/05



../imgaction/thiswindowresize.gifIf you like to resize your index page or any other page. thiswindow Resize.action is the Action you need.
Work with framesets.

thiswindow Resize.action you will use as a Head Action, mainly.

thiswindow Resize.action will resize the window correctly, due to a build-in browser detection script and "bit" more.

The philosophy is to have the viewport in the best approximate size as possible and this Action does that +/- 10-15 pixels.

To insure the correct size of the window. You must make sure the Scroll, Status, Resize etc. matches the intended "Browser Window Chrome" (?) settings of the window you want to render.
These options are for window size calculation only.
If you have set the current window to be without any "Browser Window Chrome" uncheck all check boxes.
If you don't the window will not size it self correctly.

"Make resolution

This option will insure your window never will exceed the visitors screen edges.

thiswindow Resize.action will not enable nor disable any of the "Browser Window Chrome".
These options are for window size calculation only.