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Current ver. 2005


#1 Demo with "Close Window"  

#2 Demo with out "Close Window link".  

Click the image and the window closes. 
#2 Try to resize the pop-up window.

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Last updated 8/21/08



A real time killer.

Fly An Image user interfaceFly An Image.action will create an HTML-page on the fly, without you having to create a new HTML page for your enlarged image.
All you have to do is fill in the Action UI (User Interface) and you are in business.

You can see which options you have ---->>.

Fly An Image.action can be triggered either by any event, from a link (image or text) and as a Head Action.


How it work:

Fly An Image.action is highly automated, to reduce tapping in the UI and thus save time.

This new version of Fly An Image.action calculates the imagesize and adds Page Margins, Border and Caption, if so chosen,.
The summery of whose will be the window size of the HTML page build on the fly.
If the displayed image is too large for the visitors screen, the action will adjust the window accordingly, so the window will not exceed the screen.

NO, pixel size (height * width) for the image is needed, those will the action find for you - NEAT!

A ReadMe.txt file is attached in the compressed downloadable file.


Displays of images are best with "enlarged" images - over 300*300px.