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Last updated 8/21/08


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Use the Action as a Body Action (?)

Copyrights Statement.action is a real time saver.
No more remembering to change the year from the current year. Once implemented on the page Copyrights Statement.action will do it all for you automatically year after year after year...

Just fill in the UI.
The best thing about this Action is, if you in the "Start Year" field write the current year the Action will note this and only write the current year on the page where you apply it. The year after the action will write the last year and the current year i.e. 2002 - 2003.

Please read the small tutorial I have written about applying CSS to a Body Action (?).

Configure the Action once and for all and Drag&Drop it in the Objects > Library palette, ready to use again and again and for quick editing - saves time (?).