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Last updated 8/17/08



AntiSpamPro userinterfaceTied of getting spam?
Then AntispamPro.action is what you need. This action will keep you from getting a lot of SPAM / junk emails.

Has your email address been revealed on the web already. Then this Action is no good for you, best for new email addresses.

AntispamPro.action breaks up your email address into pieces, thus unreadable for email address harvesters. AntispamPro.action is very easy to use, you implement it as a body action (?)  and fill in the UI, as shown in the image. AntispamPro.action will startup most Email Clients.
You can use either text or an image to trigger the email client.

Many have asked to why the email address is revealed in the status line in the browser.
This is because the browser interprets the script. Try and mouse over the Demo (upper right corner), this will reveal my email address, but it is still unreadable for any email harvesters.